Where Can I Promote My Book For Free

Where can i promote my book for free

Inkitt is a publishing company that will not only submit your book to their thousands of readers for free (legit) but will also offer you a publishing deal worth thousands of dollars if their readers like it.

You can add one of your book reviews on Facebook and Twitter along with your book cover image. Then pin it to the top of your feed so every visitor will see it – for weeks or months. To get the link to your review on Amazon, go to the review on your book page and click the permalink button. Then copy this address from your browser.

Jan 02,  · Promote your free or discounted book. If you made a book permafree — or if you’re running an ebook discount and are looking for inexpensive ways to get visibility for the price promotion — there are many free or inexpensive tactics you can try. For example, you can update your website and social media channels to drive more downloads of. Goodreads, the huge social networking site for readers, has a number of ways for you to promote your book without having to pay for it.

First of all, make sure that they have a listing for each edition of your book (paperback, ebook, audiobook, Kindle, etc.; if you publish through CreateSpace and/or Amazon’s KDP, they will create a listing automatically). 57 rows · May 26,  · Keep in mind that all these major book promotion sites only promote eBooks. Nov 13,  · Free ebooks can be a great way to gain more visibility for your work.

Below is a list of sites you can use to help promote your free ebook. Many of these sites are free to submit to but some are paid or have paid options. I have tried my best to list this where possible. There are currently five FREE advertising options available: 1) Free Book Find (for permanently or temporarily free books) 2) 99 Cent Book (for permanently or temporarily 99 cent books) 3) Bargain Deal (for books over $ but under $–either permanently or temporarily) 4) Indie New Releases (for books newly released within the past If you are an author and your book is going to be temporarily free on the Amazon, Kobo, and/or Barnes and Noble websites, use our contact form to get in touch; we will help you spread the word.

Write the post as if it were an ad for your book, including a nice, attention getting photo. You can use xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai to get a free stock image (or pay $1 for one), and then put your book over that that image, if you like.

Use that to complement the short bit of text you’ll write for your post. Post this on your Author page on Facebook.

Free Book Promotions After your eBook is enrolled in KDP Select, you can run a Free Book Promotion by offering it for free for up to 5 days out of each day KDP Select enrollment period. You can run a Free Book Promotion in all Kindle marketplaces where the KDP Select-enrolled title is available for sale.

May 16,  · Goodreads has a number of ways for you to promote your book without having to pay for it. First of all, make sure that they have a listing for each edition of your book (paperback, ebook, audiobook, Kindle, etc. If you publish through CreateSpace and/or Amazon’s KDP, they will create a listing automatically). Aug 01,  · Word of mouth recommendation.

It’s a free, highly credible, highly viral resource that helps to amplify your efforts to create interest and buzz about your work. And all you really need for word of mouth marketing is a book worthy of sharing, and a way to get it into the hands of the people who will spread the word.

Jul 23,  · CrossReads – Post on CrossReads forums on the thread for the date your book is free (requires free registration) You can also find a spreadsheet of over places to advertise your book here. 44 Blog Hosts for Christian Authors. On my website, Body and Soul Publishing (my independent publishing company), I have compiled a list of blog.

Jul 19,  · Hire people from Fiverr to post information on your free days to the ever-growing list of sites that promote free books. This frees up your time to write more books. Get as many video testimonials as you can post these to your book's YouTube Channel again with URL links to where people can buy your book.

May 24,  · The Blog post about your book will be included in our daily email newsletter, and we will send it to our subscribers. We have subscribers who are willing to read more books and also want to know more about authors and books, and we send them your listed book Directly in their inbox which will attract them to read your book. You've enrolled your book in Amazon's KDP and you now have up to 5 days in a 90 day period to give away your book for free. Gaining organic traffic from Google or Bing search for your blog is, by far, the most powerful way to promote your book.

Readers who find your website or blog by Google or Bing search are much more likely to be interested in your book topic, genre or themes because these factors are what they are searching for and how they find you.

How it can help ; Author Central: Share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your works with millions of readers: Amazon Advertising: Purchase advertising to promote your KDP eBooks and paperbacks: Free Promotions: Make your eBook available at no charge for a limited time: Kindle Countdown Deals: Offer a limited-time discount with a countdown timer.

Jul 06,  · Making your book free is the right move. If your book is free and more than 50 pages in length, Freebooksy is the book promotion site for you. With overregistered readers in mystery, romance, fantasy, nonfiction, literary, and kids and teens genres, you’re guaranteed to find new readers.

Instagram. Place the eBook CTA in the bio section of your profile. Post social teasers (images and videos) continuously ( times a day) and ask people to check out the eBook by clicking on the link in your bio. Search for users who have used your related hashtags and DM. Sep 09,  · If your title is enrolled in KDP Select, Amazon allows you to run a Free Book Promotionon that title. Amazon limits the number of days that your book can be listed as free. You can choose to offer any book enrolled in KDP Select free to readers for up to 5 days out of each day KDP Select enrollment period.

Jul 14,  · xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai's advertising rates are sweet. Checked with them on advertising about a week ago. If you have the budget, I'm sure they can get your book in front of hundreds of thousands of book lovers. Denise Turney Author - Love Pour Over Me xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai * A book blog, in which you write updates, corrections, errata and respond to reader comments and suggestions.

This book blog may become the basis for the second edition of your book. * Sample chapters from your book * A link to the Amazon page for your book, so people can buy the book online * Your media kit (see step 5) * Book reviews and blurbs. May 20,  · Enlisting a book discovery service promoting cheap or free eBooks to a subscriber list – or helping you to boost your own social media efforts – is one way to promote your eBook and get readers, reviews, more social networking, and a kick-start to your book sales.

May 18,  · Altucher created a special Slideshare to promote his latest book (to business people). On Slideshare, authors can upload their own PowerPoint presentations and visitors to the site can search for slide decks by keyword or topic.

Good presentations should be full of pictures and exclusive snippets from the book. Altucher did all of that. Jan 18,  · However, although Amazon if a fantastic way to sell and promote your book, we as authors can do a lot more to drive targeted traffic to our books.

To begin with, let’s take a. The more copies you sell during the first 30 days of your book’s launch, the more heavily Amazon will help promote your book and send more new readers to check out your book. This is one of the reasons why creating a great book launch can be crucial to your success when you publish a new book. You can have your book listed on this site for free as long as it is available on Amazon. Williamsen also offers inexpensive services to authors who would like to have their book featured on the website.

This a great way not only to promote your book for free, but also to support other self-published authors. Emerging Novelists. Promote Your Book Free. 4, likes · 89 talking about this. Promote your book free to book reviewers and readers here! Jan 12,  · Access my list of the best Promotion Sites for Books: xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai Plus an easy strategy to promoting your. Facebook advertising makes the entire book marketing process a whole lot easier.

In fact, Facebook is able to turbocharge all of your long-term author efforts – building a mailing list, driving traffic to your website and learning all about your fans.

May 29, - Here's a wealth of resources and ideas for promoting your book! I've only pinned what I found helpful and free. So if you find something on this board 38 pins. Oct 23,  · How to Write, Design & Promote an Ebook: A Complete Guide.

Ebooks can be written about nearly any topic, for any niche, and for any business. Follow this step-by. Apr 14,  · While it takes time to reach such heights as an author, video ads can generate more interest towards your book. 5. Create offers. If you’re promoting more than a single eBook and all of them have a price tag, you can use Facebook offers to promote them simultaneously. For example, you can offer the second book at a 50 percent discount if customers purchase the first book within a.

Sep 25,  · Your e-book can help. Your e-book can get leads to commit to a demo or free trial, says @amandalnelson. Click To Tweet. Consider these middle-of-funnel ideas: Work the e-book into your nurture program(s) or drip campaigns. Share on your organization’s forums or community site. Alternatively (or additionally), you can set up book tours for your children’s book, such as those offered by KidsBuzz, which help you promote your book directly to readers and teachers, as well as to book clubs, booksellers and librarians.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA “Social media is about the people. Not about you. A free launch can help you get noticed and build up those all-important reviews on Amazon. It’s vital that you have a good amount of reviews for your book (at least 20, but the more the merrier). Many potential readers won't even look at a book that hasn't been reviewed yet (with an Amazon-verified purchase stamp of approval).

May 12,  · How to Promote Your Book: 8 Sales-Boosting Steps for Authors. A lot of the questions we get every day at Reedsy have to do with marketing. They’re often along the lines of How can I promote my book? and How do I get reviews?

Where can i promote my book for free

or Read article. Mar 08,  · This means that people searching for related authors may end up at your blog, where you can promote your book. Method 4 of 7: Promoting Over Time If you make your eBook exclusive to Amazon for 90 days, you get 5 promotional days when you can give your book away for free.

These can be useful to get sales moving and to attract new xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai: 43K. Dec 04,  · You can set up pre launch giveaways for your books and just like on Kboards you can participate in the community and promote your book. Summary. These are the ways that you can use to promote your book for free. Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Just by publishing your book, you won’t get any results, you need to promote it. KU Addicts Express was created to help readers of the Kindle Unlimited platform to find new and exciting books to read.

We hope to one day, become a favorite service for readers and authors to connect, helping readers to find their new favorite authors.

Nov 20,  · You can also give away a tip list, a fun quiz or a compelling strategy depending on the content of your e-book. By giving something away for free, you are showcasing the value of your content. Add some testimonials to your free chapter or content to encourage people to purchase your entire e-book.

Make sure the free content you offer has value. Bonus tip: Offer a free advanced copy of your book to folks in your network in exchange for a review on Amazon. Give them a target date and follow up by email with a reminder. This will help you jump start your reviews before the release date. Leah Graves. Get it on the list of Free Friday Books for Nook. I have a lot of eBooks from Free. My Books app is free to download & use.

To keep our app going, we need your help! Please take a minute to visit our Appstore page to give us a great feedback in the form of rating or review, which will help boost our app and let other people discover it. You can also help by sharing our free eBook app with your friends and family.

Apr 20,  · 7 Free Ways to Promote Your Book 1. Free giveaways. Apps provide free trials. Games provide free levels. Books provide free chapters. Free material is 2. Social Media. If you think back, you’d notice that many of the books you’ve read, have become known to. Apr 19,  · Even if you’re not, you can set your book as free on Amazon with a little finagling.

Where can i promote my book for free

In order to make your ebook “permafree,” you need to be selling it at one or moreof the other major retailers — Apple, Kobo, and/or Barnes and Noble, for choice — that does allow you to price an ebook at $ Oct 04,  · MyeBook is a free web service that allows you to create, design, publish and market your content for the world to read.

In case you have a few eBooks that you need to sell, you can promote your ‘bookstore’ through a link (xn--e1ajkbnlz.xn--p1ai). Therefore, you can with PayPal integration, your payments will also be smooth and hassle free. Sep 06,  · Promote your book on local radio Seek out your local community radio stations and see if they’re up for a Q-and-A session with a local author.

Put together a press release about your book, send it out to stations, and use your sleuthing skills (and contacts if you. Jul 03,  · Don’t forget the many online sites that review books. Advertising. 2.

Where can i promote my book for free

Get friends, colleagues, clients or anyone who likes your book to place reviews on Amazon and other online book stores. Amazon is highly influential and the reviews matter so encourage anyone who says they enjoyed your book to place a review. 3. Diversify your reader base by promoting books to members in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

Note that some of our tools are not yet available outside the US. Join thousands of authors & publishers "BookBub is one of the only marketing tools you can count on to be successful every time.